We all know how important it is to look after our physical health, but we don't always give our minds the same level of attention.
I want to change this.

The Unwind Your Mind blog is a common sense approach of tackling mental health. It aims to do this by bringing the focus back to mental wellness and away from mental illness. Instead of talking about what makes you feel bad, I focus on what helps you feel good.

To do this I encourage people to do something every day that helps them unwind their mind.

We've all heard about the 5-a-day for our bodies, but what would happen if we gave our minds the same care and attention?

Imagine if we were to have a 5-a-day for our mental health....So, I've decided to put it to the test, and I hope that my Unwind Your Mind project can help create a positive attitude around mental health.

You can send in your five things unwind your mind tips either by emailing unwindyourmind1@gmail.com or on our Facebook page

My name is Marie Duffy, and I'm a freelance journalist and youth mental health promotion worker from Co. Donegal. For the past few years I have been involved as an advisor to youth organisations such as www.spunout.ie and Headstrong, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health.

During this time I have attended and spoken at many conferences on youth mental health, and it is a subject I am extremely passionate about. As someone who comes from a rural area in Donegal, I know how difficult it is to find information on local mental health services, not to mention the difficulty in actually accessing them. I've also had my own experiences of the mental health service and know how scary that can be.

Frustrated by the focus on mental illness and medication, I decided to start a blog called Unwind Your Mind which would promote positive mental health with practical advice on staying well.